Triad Pro Innovators, Inc. (“Triad Pro” or “The Company”) is a diversified energy company. Triad Pro Innovators specialty is “green,” renewable energy battery storage systems and applications.

The Triad Pro eCell technology is a solid state energy storage system solution, free of highly toxic and explosive materials such as lithium and lead. The Triad Pro eCell can also be fully charged significantly faster than a lithium or lead based battery.

The Triad Pro eCell accepts 100 percent of its capacity very quickly because the charging process is only limited by the network that is feeding it, and not our technology.

Our technology provides a “set-it-forget-it” environment for all users and applications. The advanced technology of the Triad Pro eCell was designed with a focus on safety, eco-friendliness, minimum maintenance and longevity.

We can confidently say the Triad Pro eCell is non-combustible, 100% Recyclable and requires zero or low maintenance when properly installed. It can exceed 1,000,000 + charge/discharge capability, providing longevity unparalleled in the renewable energy storage sector.

The key to our technology advancements is driven by how we capture and store energy, and how we design efficiencies to expend the energy. Triad Pro Innovators is primarily engaged in developing these technologies. Applications of our innovative energy storage and motor efficiency solutions for the light electrical vehicle market are the main focus of the company.

The Triad Pro eCell technology offers energy storage solutions, scalable for all sizes, ranging from transportation to industrial off-grid electrical applications.

Global demand for renewable battery storage is at an all-time high and emerging rapidly.

Certain industries such as farming, mining, oil production and military currently rely on diesel-generated electricity, because they are located in areas where standard grid electricity is unavailable.

Triad Pro eCells can offer a viable solution for standalone products when partnered with solar acting as the main charge.

At Triad Pro Innovators, our staff consists of highly trained engineers in the development center. These engineers have a depth of experience in the design, assembly, prototyping, testing, and field installation functions required to support our existing products, as well as develop our new product in the pipeline.

We also have well trained sales, management, and administrative support staff in the office, most of whom have years of experience in the energy business.

Triad Pro is a publicly traded company. The company plans to continue to grow through acquisitions, research and development.

One of the most misunderstood components of a solar powered system is the battery. Solar battery banks may contain heavy lead acid, lithium ion or nickel metal hydride batteries that all have issues, such as weight and temperature restrictions, as well as a limited life of charge – discharge cycles.

Batteries are designed for specific types of charge and discharge cycles. A solar battery must be able to provide long periods of deep discharge at night followed by a full recharge in only a few hours of sunlight. Very few batteries can take a daily deep discharge-recharge cycle. When the sun is obscured by weather, charging stops and restarts again, creating a reversal in the chemistry. The incremental cycle count wears on the battery.


If you simply connect your solar panels directly to the battery, you may over charge it and it could explode. For example a 12 volt solar panel can produce over 25 volts in direct sunlight. In addition, when a battery reaches full charge, the charging current needs to be turned off or reduced to a trickle to protect the battery from an over volt condition. The Triad Pro eCell has built in circuitry to prevent over voltage or thermal run away conditions.


The success of the Triad Pro solid state storage solution makes renewable energy better by storing electricity instantly.

Warranted for 10 years and rated for over 1,000,000 charge and discharge cycles, the Triad Pro eCell reduces the headache of routine, monthly maintenance and battery replacement every 3-5 years.

Triad Pro eCells makes solar energy storage greener & better.

A solar panel will last approximately 20-30 years … Shouldn’t the battery?

  • 1 million charge / discharge cycles
  • 10-20 year life expectancy
  • 10 year warranty
  • Charges in minutes
  • Lead free
  • No maintenance
  • Performs in extreme temperature ranges

Worldwide pressure is compounding yearly for renewable, “green” energy storage from government, municipalities and large corporations.

Bloomberg New Energy Finance predicts that in the next 12 years, energy storage will mirror solar’s growth between 2010 and 2015, which was 700 percent.

Energy storage had a very good year in 2017. Not only did the market grow 46 percent from 2016 to 2017, but the industry is projected to grow nine times in size between 2017 and 2022.


Employment is booming as well. From 2015 to 2016, energy storage jobs increased 235 percent to reach 90,800 jobs, with battery storage accounting for over half. By 2022, deployments are projected to increase 859 percent. This is some amazing growth, coming from almost nowhere just two to three years ago.

Off-grid solar makes possible a wide range of applications and continues on a path of rapid growth.

Today, off-grid applications ranging from private residences and eco-resorts to remote lighting, telecom and community microgrids in developing countries, benefit from battery storage solutions.

Opportunities for growth in the off-grid energy storage market are found in both developing and developed regions of the world. Let’s take the oil and gas industry, which has seen the pairing of two unlikely industries: solar and big oil. In recent years, oil companies have relied on solar power with battery storage to operate remote well pumps in some of the harshest environments throughout the world to avoid costly downtime. Solar power is displacing previous power methods such as diesel generators and pneumatic pumps, which have both economic and environmental repercussions. The use of renewable energy sources such as solar and wind with battery storage are now in place to operate many of these remote oil production sites.

In developing regions, Bloomberg estimates that 1.2 billion people worldwide still do not have daily access to reliable electricity. This has led to the increase in installations of off-grid microgrids in these remote areas. In Colombia, the government, through its Ministry of Mines and Energy, issued a mandate to expand the availability of electricity to the country’s northern remote Choco region bordering Panama along the Caribbean Sea. The project involved building solar microgrids to provide power for five indigenous communities. Having reliable electricity available for most of the day enables these villages to expand and improve the quality of life of residents, as well as enhance commercial business activities, which benefits the country as a whole.

As the global community continues to adopt off-grid solar, the implementation of energy storage solutions is sure to mirror the fast-paced growth of this off-grid energy segment.

The Triad Pro eCells proven energy storage technology is capable of providing an energy storage solution for applications normally reliant on highly toxic, short-life lead acid or lithium-ion batteries that have the potential to combust when overcharged. With the success of the Triad Pro eCell, chemical battery power loss and other design limitations, such as overheating and short product life cycles, are eliminated. Triad Pro helps make renewable energy greener, safer and more efficient by allowing applications to utilize more of the renewable energy generated, anytime, day or night, using the Triad Pro eCell system.

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      Distributed generation is an energy production technique which employs small-scale technologies (e.g. solar panels, wind or other generators) to produce greener or renewable electricity on-site. Triad Pro’s small-scale, localized, distributed generators provide lower cost electricity and higher power reliability compared to their outdated counterparts.

      Our generators drive small power plants to provide energy onsite with little reliance on the distribution and transmission grid. Larger, centralized power plants often run on coal, oil, or nuclear power, and are frequently located far from the end users. This means longer transmission distances, greenhouse gas emissions, production of nuclear waste, and serious potential for power loss through transporting energy over long distances.

      Triad Pro Innovators, in its Energy Production division, owns and operates distributed combined heat and power (CHP) energy projects that are fueled by clean-burning natural gas. These units are located onsite at customers’ facilities and they produce electricity, as well as heat, and/or chilled water under long-term multi-year contracts. Co-generation makes two or three uses of a single burn of clean fuel, lowering emissions and increasing efficiency far beyond traditional power plants.

      The Company currently owns approximately 6 production units with a faceplate production capacity of 1.8 Megawatts (MW) at two separate industrial and commercial facilities in California. The systems are designed to produce up to 60% of a site’s peak load, displacing peak demand that would otherwise place stress on an already constrained grid system, and saving our clients Peak utility rates. The systems typically run 8-20 hours a day, 5 days per week.