Distributed generation is an energy production technique which employs small-scale technologies (e.g. solar panels, wind or other generators) to produce greener or renewable electricity on-site. Triad Pro’s small-scale, localized, distributed generators provide lower cost electricity and higher power reliability compared to their outdated counterparts.

Our generators drive small power plants to provide energy onsite with little reliance on the distribution and transmission grid. Larger, centralized power plants often run on coal, oil, or nuclear power, and are frequently located far from the end users. This means longer transmission distances, greenhouse gas emissions, production of nuclear waste, and serious potential for power loss through transporting energy over long distances.

Triad Pro Innovators, in its Energy Production division, owns and operates distributed combined heat and power (CHP) energy projects that are fueled by clean-burning natural gas. These units are located onsite at customers’ facilities and they produce electricity, as well as heat, and/or chilled water under long-term multi-year contracts. Co-generation makes two or three uses of a single burn of clean fuel, lowering emissions and increasing efficiency far beyond traditional power plants.

The Company currently owns approximately 6 production units with a faceplate production capacity of 1.8 Megawatts (MW) at two separate industrial and commercial facilities in California. The systems are designed to produce up to 60% of a site’s peak load, displacing peak demand that would otherwise place stress on an already constrained grid system, and saving our clients Peak utility rates. The systems typically run 8-20 hours a day, 5 days per week.