The Triad eCell is a proven application and is so efficient in the SPREE golf cart that we believe the technology is scalable to mid-size trucks used for local distribution. The cargo trailer allows for many solar panels and therefore produces much more energy. We believe the application for mid-size trucks can achieve even better results than the SPREE golf cart.

Triad Pro Innovators has started the process of building the first prototype which will be available for testing soon. Applications such as postal delivery or courier delivery trucks are the perfect application for our eCell system. We have filed patent in regards to this application of the eCell technology…. (SHOW Mid-Size truck with Solar Panels.)



Every day, our nation’s military sets up base camps around the world. These camps are often set up in obscure locations and require power. Obviously these base camps need to be well lit at night.

Most of the camps are using a diesel generator to supply power for the lighting. The diesel generators are placed into a trailer and hauled around for use. The generators require monthly maintenance and can have logistically challenges for continued fuel supply.

When you factor in other emergency sectors such as FEMA, Red Cross, United Nations (UN) Performance needs to be guaranteed.

The Triad eCell when partnered with Solar can all but eliminate these issues associated with portable diesel generators.

The Triad Pro eCell can be tailored for any need has modules ranging from 6 volts to 120 volts in either alternating or direct currents.